Our Academies

The Sentamu Academy Learning Trust (SALT) was created in February 2015 and comprises 1 Secondary Academy, 2 Alternative Provision Academies (Year 6 – Year 11) and 2 Primary Academies; all of our academies are within the boundary of Hull.

SALT’s prime aim is to ensure that all pupils in its academies receive an outstanding education, that they might experience life in all its fullness. It will have a particular focus for serving those pupils who are most at risk of long-term social exclusion.

Performance Tables: https://www.gov.uk/school-performance-tables 

Archbishop Sentamu CE Academy

Secondary Academy

Archie is the spirit of Archbishop Sentamu Academy, reflecting its vision and underpinning its values. Archie believes that everyone has unique, God-given talents and gifts; everyone can achieve and everyone can be extraordinary. Archie believes that together, we can achieve more, and that to be truly successful you have to aim high and work hard in teams, as well as individually.

Tel:01482 781912



Address:Archbishop Sentamu Academy, 1 Bilton Grove, Hull, HU9 5YB.

SIAMS Report:Arcbishop Sentamu Academy - SIAMS Report Oct 2017

Ofsted Report:Archbishop Sentamu Academy - Ofsted Report Feb 2018

Aspire Academy

Alternative Provision 10 -16 Academy

Aspire is an Alternative Provision Academy that serves vulnerable students within Hull and the East Riding. The academy has been purposely designed to meet the needs of students with an innovative approach to teaching and learning to ensure that the learning experience for students is one that ensures progress.

Tel:01482 318789



Address:Aspire Academy, 351 Annandale Road, Hull, HU9 5DE

Ofsted Report:Aspire Academy - Ofsted Report June 2017

The Compass Academy

Alternative Provision

The Compass Academy has recently joined the Sentamu Academy Learning Trust, which prides itself on providing the highest standard of education to all students, regardless of their background.

We believe that those who have the least should be given the most. We achieve this through providing all pupils, but particularly those who have the most challenging and complex backgrounds, with a rigorous and academic education which challenges them, not only academically, but also in terms of their place in society. 

Case study: https://www.rm.com/blog/2020/june/the-compass-academy

Tel:01482 331720



Address:The Compass Academy, Snowdon Way, Hull, HU7 5DS.

Newland St John’s CE Academy

Primary Academy

At Newland St John’s Academy, children come first and staff do all possible to help them meet their full potential. The strong staff team provides a learning environment where children are cared for, make good progress and have high standards of behaviour.

Tel:01482 305740



Address:Newland St John’s C of E Academy, Beresford Avenue, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU6 7LS.

Ofsted Report:Newland St Johns Academy - Ofsted Report Jan 2018

SIAMS Report:Newland St Johns Academy - SIAMS Report Jan 2019

St James’ CE Academy

Primary Academy

At St James’ Academy our aim is to provide high quality education for all pupils within a learning environment that fosters Christian values and beliefs. At the end of their primary education pupils leave understanding how they can keep themselves safe and healthy and are confident that they can achieve and fulfil their potential. They are well prepared for future opportunities, responsibilities and experiences, and are able to contribute positively to their local community.

Tel:01482 825091



Address:St James C of E Academy, Dorchester Road, Bransholme, Hull, HU7 6BD.

Ofsted Report:St James Academy - Ofsted Report Jan 2018

SIAMS Report:St James Academy - SIAMS Report Jun 2017

"Staff talk about being part of the school family and are proud to work there"

Newland St John’s Academy Ofsted

"Pupils described how well staff get to know them and how carefully staff listen to what they say"

Aspire Academy Ofsted

"Teachers value the range of professional development opportunities which enable them to improve the quality of their teaching"

Archbishop Sentamu Academy Ofsted

"Leaders and managers, including governors, are passionate about giving pupils the best opportunities for future success. Leaders have driven the improvements to the quality of education in this school with determination"

Archbishop Sentamu Academy Ofsted

"Pupils’ excellent behaviour and good attendance reflect the school’s high expectations. Pupils are proud of their school and all that it stands for"

St James’ Church of England Academy Ofsted

"A strong culture of safeguarding permeates the school. Pastoral staff know the pupils and their families well and provide very effective care and support. Pupils speak highly of the staff who keep them safe and say they are happy at school"

Archbishop Sentamu Academy Ofsted

"Pupils grow and flourish in the caring ethos that underpins all that the school does. Parents and carers value the strong sense of community you encourage within the school’s very diverse cultural and social mix where everyone is treated with kindness and respect"

Newland St John’s Church of England Academy Ofsted

"Effective teaching in this school is characterised by teachers’ sound subject knowledge, backed up by a deep understanding of pupils’ different needs and the most effective approach to secure the best learning from each pupil"

Aspire Academy Ofsted

"The development of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning is
a strength of the school. The Christian ethos is very clear and embedded"

Archbishop Sentamu Academy Ofsted

"Links to the local church and the school’s strong focus on social responsibility, tolerance and respect ensure that provision for pupils’ personal development, welfare, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding"

St James’ Church of England Academy Ofsted