A collaborative approach to school improvement:

At the heart of SALT is a commitment to providing the best possible support and challenge to our academies to enable them to provide ever-higher standards of education to their pupils. To achieve this, we will build on the strong work that has already been carried out through the East Hull Collaborative Trust, to offer the following:

High Quality CPD

  • Leadership Training organised through the MAT;

  • Access to ICT support from ASA academy;

  • Access to support from an outstanding primary school, with a package tailored to the needs of the individual school;

  • Tailored access to support from Incyte, to develop Quality Assurance;

  • Access to support form the diocese to develop RE and SMSC;

  • The opportunity to bid for funding for specific projects relating to school improvement from the MAT “Raising Standards” fund.

Educational Support

  • Incyte whole school development package tailored to needs;

  • LLE & SLE support available from within the Trust;

  • Rugby Programme/Scholarship;

  • Residential Centre available to all within the Trust;

  • Healthy Academies – linking to support from the Primary Assessment Centre;

  • SENCo support;

  • Data support;

  • Learning Journeys introduced to academies.

SIAMS Support

  • Trained SIAMS inspector within the Trust;

  • Lead of RE within the Trust;

  • Chaplain support available;

  • Keeping RE and Collective Worship at the fore for Christian academies;

  • Support from the Diocese to develop RE and SMSC

"Staff talk about being part of the school family and are proud to work there"

Newland St John’s Academy Ofsted

"Pupils described how well staff get to know them and how carefully staff listen to what they say"

Aspire Academy Ofsted

"Teachers value the range of professional development opportunities which enable them to improve the quality of their teaching"

Archbishop Sentamu Academy Ofsted

"Leaders and managers, including governors, are passionate about giving pupils the best opportunities for future success. Leaders have driven the improvements to the quality of education in this school with determination"

Archbishop Sentamu Academy Ofsted

"Pupils’ excellent behaviour and good attendance reflect the school’s high expectations. Pupils are proud of their school and all that it stands for"

St James’ Church of England Academy Ofsted

"A strong culture of safeguarding permeates the school. Pastoral staff know the pupils and their families well and provide very effective care and support. Pupils speak highly of the staff who keep them safe and say they are happy at school"

Archbishop Sentamu Academy Ofsted

"Pupils grow and flourish in the caring ethos that underpins all that the school does. Parents and carers value the strong sense of community you encourage within the school’s very diverse cultural and social mix where everyone is treated with kindness and respect"

Newland St John’s Church of England Academy Ofsted

"Effective teaching in this school is characterised by teachers’ sound subject knowledge, backed up by a deep understanding of pupils’ different needs and the most effective approach to secure the best learning from each pupil"

Aspire Academy Ofsted

"The development of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning is
a strength of the school. The Christian ethos is very clear and embedded"

Archbishop Sentamu Academy Ofsted

"Links to the local church and the school’s strong focus on social responsibility, tolerance and respect ensure that provision for pupils’ personal development, welfare, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding"

St James’ Church of England Academy Ofsted